1. Each participant must be a current member of the South Shore Neptunes Skin Diver's Club, Inc. upon submitting each entry into the Artifact of the Year Contest.

  2. Each artifact submitted into this contest must be recovered from New England waters.

  3. Each year this contest will begin on January 1 and end on November 30.

  4. Each entry must be accompanied by an official registration form.

  5. Any and all current SSN club members may enter this contest as often as he/she wishes provided all rules and requirements are met.

  6. Artifact must be recovered using SCUBA.

  7. If possible, the artifact should be brought to a club meeting before and after restoration. This is not a prerequisite to winning the award, however it will help promote wreck diving interest.

  8. Artifact will be judged on the basis of the following criteria:

    1. Uniqueness of the artifact.

    2. Historical value of the shipwreck

    3. Condition of the artifact before restoration

    4. Difficulty of recovery

    5. Restoration plans

All possible care will be taken in the handling or each individual entry, however, in no event shall the South Shore Neptunes Skin Divers Club, Inc. assume any responsibility of be held liable for the loss or damage to any artifact.

The annual prize awarded for the best judged artifact, will be in the form of a trophy resented at the year’s Annual Awards Banquet (traditionally held in either January or February of that following year). The judges will consist of the Officers and Board of Directors of the year the artifact was submitted into this contest. However, if the person entering this contest is either an Officer or member of the Board of Directors, he/she is not qualified to vote on his/her entry. Judging will take place during a closed session of the last Board Meeting in that year (in December) and will remain confidential until the evening of the Award Banquet. All artifacts and their accompanying completed registration forms are to be presented to the Vice-President during the course of the year and maintained by the Vice-President until the last Board meeting of the year where voting will take place.